Power of the Heart - Heart Opening Power Yoga  Class
6:15 PM18:15

Power of the Heart - Heart Opening Power Yoga Class

In this power class the sequence will focus on preparing your body for deeper heart opening/backbending asanas. Backbends allow us to start opening the muscles in our torso that typically tend to hold and block energy from flowing freely. When we create space for the energy to flow, it moves up to our heart center allowing us to practice compassion for ourselves and others. There will be attention to the lower chakras that lead up to the 4th energy wheel, Anahata, heart chakra. Balancing our ability to give and to receive compassion. Class will end with a longer help restorative pose.

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9:00 AM09:00

Vinyasa Flow at Pilates Barre this Sunday!

Join me this Sunday, 12/30 Pilates Barre for a Vinyasa Flow class - This dynamic yoga practice will begin with centering work to connect with the breath and a core strengthening series. Flowing through sequences designed to cultivate strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance, linking movement with breath. The practice ends with ground work and restorative poses.

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Restore and Renew
2:00 PM14:00

Restore and Renew

Class begins with light movement and 15-20 minutes of core centered work, designed to strengthen and support back health. Transition to a slow flow and ease the body into Restorative poses as body and mind are supported by light props, breath and intention. The room will be heated to about 85 degrees. All levels class.

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